About us

Handcrafted timber lures designed to catch Australian native fish? That’s the goal of One Cast Lures.

Who doesn’t enjoy catching Australian Bass, Murray Cod and Golden Perch in our waterways? About 5 years I have discovered the Australian Lure Cottage Makers and I loved what I had found. Australian made lures are unique, with an incredible action and finish and made are by Aussies that fish for their target species regularly.

So there started my desire for lure making as I thought it would be fun to make lures for fishing myself. I have been mentored by several Successful lure makers from the start, Anthony Barnard from Deep River lures and Travers Powell from Powell lures and in recent times Shane Murphy from Viper lures and Patrick Jones from Southern Cross lures

My brand name in the beginning was Rough as Guts Lures, and I made my own design, the Tangle. I also made and small and large Guppy Lures by using the Travers Powell Lure Making kits.

Recently I have changed my Name to One Cast Lures. I currently make two models, the Tazer and the Romtom.

In the past I was involved in the emerging sport of Kayak Fishing in Australia, and although my interest in this has wailed a little, I do still fish from a kayak, and others times from my boat. To see my once passionate interest in kayak fishing go to Fishnyak.com

Soon there will be more lure models added to the range to target Bream, Flathead and Whiting. I have a huge addition for popper fishing and I will be making surface lures as well as diving lures to target the above species.

If you have a particular pattern that you wish to have on your lure I am open to painting custom colors, if you wish to do so you can contact me here, onecastlures@gmail.com

To keep up to date my lure making, the painting and the designs your can follow me on Facebook,

I always practice catch and release with freshwater fish I catch as they are worth preserving for our future generation and they are too much fun to catch just once!

See you on the water…. Sel